Additional Resources

Identify the broadband providers in your community

If you're not sure which companies provide provide cable or DSL internet service where you live, you can use the Federal Communications Commission's Broadband Map to find out.

  1. Go to
  2. Type your address in the search box and click through.
  3. You'll get a new map page showing the outline of your Census block.
  4. Look on the right side of the page for a list of "fixed" broadband providers serving your block, including those that provide cable modem or DSL service at any speed.38

Searchable Discount Offers

A list of discount internet offers is available here.

City of Louisville Video Guidance

Ed Blayney from Louisville Metro, provides step by step navigation through the sign-up process for the discount internet offer "Access from AT&T".


Caution: Don't take the Broadband Map’s speeds listed for providers at face value. The Map shows the highest download speed offered by each provider to at least one household in a given Census block. Service at that speed, or at any speed at all, is not necessarily available to all households in the same block, let alone the surrounding community. (Back to text)